Tis The season for Easter Eggs and Collectivism

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cwSeason for egg hunts and collectivism.
My son  was very excited to go to his public school. Today was the Easter egg hunt!
At the end of the day when I picked him up he was a changed boy. He explained that he found eggs in places no one thought of looking. He found them under leaves, behind the playground equipment, and the posts lining the drive way. He found more eggs than anyone. To my son’s dismay at the end of the hunt, the teacher gathered all the eggs then doled them out so that each child got the same amount. This is what upset my son. When he told me what happened, he could not tell me what it was exactly that bothered him. I explained…slowly… that he had just experienced collectivism and that it was common for well intentioned people to fall into its “feel good in the fairness” grasp.
The big brown eyes and silence that followed showed there was some needed clarity so I asked him what would happen if he had sat down and not looked for eggs at all. Would he have brought home any?
Did anyone not hunt eggs?
“Oh everyone hunted eggs, but not everyone was finding them like I did”
His face should have been awash with pride but it took on a benign look of someone had resigned themselves to the “that’s the way is goes” mentality and nothing could change it.
“Is it fair of them to take your eggs?”
“No, I guess I could have done nothing and I would have gotten just as many”
My son had just learned that he didn’t have to work at something to be rewarded by the labor, persistence, and ingenuity of others. The agents of the Government charged with providing my child with an education had just taught him collectivism and there by extension the Karl Marx credo “from each according to their ablity…to each according to their needs”. Not what I would wish for… but it is a good public school and the children exiting there score very high compared to someone’s scale somewhere… So it is up to the parent to correct these innocuous lessons and illustrate the failings of altruistic notions that the equality is the best solution for everyone.  After experiencing the pride of having excelled at finding his eggs, he was not asked to give of his own freewill.  He was forced to yield the fruits of his success to ensure equality. He learned that when faced with forced parity he could just as well loaf along next time and count on the governing agency to extract his share form the rewards of the industrious. He could stand in line and share the camaraderie of the other children with their hands out for redistributions. This is the perfect conditioning to be an Obama supporter or a candidate for a mortgage bailout.
He now knows what to look for outside the standard curriculum. One simple egg hunt solidified the conservative foundation for my son better than forcing him to go find side walks to sweep for his spending money. He sees the “dumbing” down of self reliance and individual achievement in many more things now. That’s a heck of a thing for a kid that’s eight years old.I was reminded of this as I read the list of items to provide for my younger daughter’s first grade class Easter egg hunt. Each child is to bring a dozen plastic eggs w/ candy or treats. And in parenthesis, (each child will receive a dozen eggs to take home). I’ll be ready for her follow up lesson. I can only hope the other parents are doing the same.