Open Carry

I held firm on the position that I would not arbitrarily to yield to a non law. I will not allow propriety and conformity to superseded practicality in the exercise of freedom especially if the fiscal obligations  and intrusive scrutiny are more objectionable than perceived rudeness of lawful free will. Asking Government for permission to exercise a “right” indicates there is no right, acquiescing to this supposed authority with a signature further strengthens the authorities charge in issuing said right. By utilizing the remaining freedom reserved to the citizen of North Carolina in open carry, we reduce the power of Government to issue rights. As well, we may interact with the public who has become conditioned to fear armed Lawful Citizens.
When the wolf looks down upon the sheep it will not choose the sheep wearing a dog. Some sheep will submit their freedom to government scrutiny for the permission to hide their dog either for conformity to the herd or to subvert the the perceived threat of being the first target. This is their choice. I choose not to blend in with prey.
Clarity in expressing this resolution generally keeps the complaints were they belong, in the hearts of those who would use or implement restraint to limit our Freedom.


origins of participation awards

“Mr. Weaver, Would you like me to set up a conference to meet

with the two teachers and myself and we can explain Peyton’s current

progress? The teachers can tell you what concepts from the NC Standard

Course of Study she has mastered and which concepts she is still working

on. We can’t change the report card but perhaps we can work out a

compromise on grades that will address your needs for the upcoming 4th

nine weeks.”- The Principal


Thank you, but a simple GPA will suffice.

Chris Weaver


“We do not have the capabilities to give you a GPA for this nine weeks.

The teachers involved did not put grades on each assignment and record

them. But we can certainly meet and discuss this upcoming nine week.

Let me know if you are interested in meeting.”- The Principal



“did not put grades on each assignment and record



Chris Weaver

I applaud the Gastonia City Counsel

I applaud the Gastonia City Counsel for rejecting the RFID chips on the recycling containers. If the citizens ofGastoniaare not aware of the United Nations Agenda 21 they should be. I urge everyone to spend twenty minutes informing themselves of Agenda 21 and it’s mirror agencies such as ICLEI and UNESCO.  A word of caution… once you learn of the directives of this charter you will see it everywhere. It is the “red pill” of the Matrix movie. By the rejection of the RFID chips you have retained a bit of freedom. By learning of Agenda 21 you will learn of the slivers of your liberties as US citizens being chipped away for “collective sustainability” of “global citizenry”. You will not be able to close your eyes once you see how invasive this program is. It in our schools here inOrangeCountyand due to arrive curbside in our new recycle bins. I am not a tin helmet person, but no amount of foil will shield my eyes from insidious nature of this United Nations program now that I have leaned of it. Please remain vigilant. This UN program affects all political parties at the expense of the blood our ancestors spilled for this nation.



Chris Weaver

My confused conservative county citizens


They are all registered Democrats….

I was searching for someone to run in Orange County for the commission, and the proment genleman I approached said he was approached last year…and opted out.

“But the next guy that was asked ran and won.”

“But he is a Democrat??”

“ohhh his family is a long line of republicans…heck I’m a registered Democrat so I can vote in the important stuff….”….Say What?

The “next guy” voted for and supported the NEW tax we just got shoved upon us …and he is “conservative.”

This business of the old way is not working out too well. The stories of having to be a Democrat to keep your job is old school that people are just clinging onto.

There is NO solidarity if half the “Democrats” are really conservatives that live in FEAR . . If  they are JFK Zombies they need to be woken up and see who has co-opted their party and realize that progressive big government types have co-opted the Republican party as well and they need to step outside their comfort zones and act to save this county, this state and Nation.  There is no way you can start a wave/trend/movement to repel statism by hiding in fear…and doing things the way they always have been done and expecting change will result in the rise of  the progressive. We must rally together under a common banner. The strongest,closest label is the Republican brand. Any other branch party will require too much time to build and as the progressives in this county have coalesced power it is imperative that we act immediately.

My precinct is the strongest, largest REGISTERED Republican precinct in the county, and if we could get the timid conservatives to step out of the closet as well as old school democrats we might get a push back and get some change in Orange County.

The 350+ people I met at the polls that voted against the sales  tax increase were HOT. These people were fuming mad, and I seriously doubt they were the closet conservatives. YET there were only a handful that had any decal on their car signifying that they were conservative. There will never be any unity, no coalescing of like-minded people until people start identifying with one another to let them see they are not alone. The fear of  retaliation for conservative decals which is a leading reason for not displaying one must be dealt with. I know of many vandalism stories that originated in the decal but this should not be a problem for those that do not frequent Chapel Hill. What a sad commentary on Chapel Hill…..

The first step is to get registered to their principles, the next is to show solidarity on a daily basis. If that means a bumper sticker for their car…or their forehead….it needs to done. The next is to get connected via Facebook, Twitter and other internet venues were people are not isolated into the corners of the county.

This nation is going to hell in a hand basket, and if regular people cannot get fired up enough to put aside their fears of being known as a conservative, joining ranks, and championing the principals that built this nation, then they need to get that second-term Obama decal at minimum and affix it to their forehead.

That “other guy” the conservative? is  Earl McKee… a registered Democrat. He needs an Obama sign in his yard, OR get his act together, switch parties, and live by the principles he supposedly harbors.

Chris Weaver

Update: I found someone to run for District 2. That would be me.

RFID to monitor Orange Citizens

At the December meeting the fellow from Recycling Cody Marshall, mentioned the proposed bins for recycling would have RFID chip for the purpose of recording frequency of use for the streamlining of services. This sounded innocuous but I flagged it for further research in my mind. Councilman Jacobs sized on it promptly asking about privacy of the citizen. It appeared his concerns were addressed sufficiently.

I however have growing concerns as I have come to understand the UN Agenda 21(A21). If you have not, you should make yourself aware of it. There is a ten minute Youtube clip “Agenda 21 for Dummies” that wraps it up nicely. In knowing that you are all politically on the opposite side of the isle it may not have the same effect, but for me as recovered liberal and now screaming conservative…it has been the equivalent of “eating the red pill” from the Matrix movie. I can see, and I can see it everywhere. Many of the clarions of A21 are Democrats. As US Citizens you should see this as a usurpation of the Liberties we are blessed with and should see the reach of A21.

In searching the history of Orange County in association with A21 and it’s offshoots I have found that Orange County has been utilizing the guides of A21 via their proxies. Most notably ICLEI
ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability : Global Members

And via the: Carrboro, Hillsborough, Chapel Hill & Orange County
GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS INVENTORY AND FORECAST Draft 6: June 11, 2007…Submitted by: ICLEI Energy Services….Orange county is clearly on board the program.

Given the BOCC cheerful character in accepting and passing the resolution on the UN Human Right Day also in the Dec. meeting only solidifies my concerns of the proclivity of this Counsel to ascribe to UN philosophies that directly undermine the freedoms provided to us by the spilled blood of our ancestors.

Yesterday (8th) it was made known to me that the City of Gastonia NC has rejected RFID chips in their recycling bins….at a loss.
The percentage of conservatives in Gaston county is only 39.4%, they are however not members of ICLEI as Orange County is.

At the risk of future use of RFID chips to be a tool to use against the freedoms of Orange County citizens by a guideline established by ICLEI or some other UN affiliated organization, I urge you to forgo them in the recycling bins. This was the reasoning for Gastonia dropping the plan. They learned of of Cleveland, Ohio, where the program is in force, the public is subjected to fines of $100 for non-compliance. Cleveland has gone so far as to use their police to raid trash bins to bust residents in case of not recycling enough.

There are many ways to streamline systems. There are many ways to promote recycling without conditioning the citizen to “collective sustainability” and other notions derived from from the failure that is the United Nations.
We are Americans, we should be more than capable of creating solutions that do not encroach on our remaining liberties or condition the populace to yield them.

Chris Weaver