…removing the automatic paycheck deduction for the  North Carolina Association of Educators

The issue/practice of extracting dues/taxes/fees from any citizens paycheck automatically…conditions the populace to ignore the outflow of their treasure.When society carefully monitors the their money nothing but good can result. The conditioning of the masses to ignore the extractions of taxes and fees leads to the corruption of those who receive the funds. Just as in Healthcare, when individuals are insulated from costs, costs rise. Government and Unions seek a uninterrupted revenue stream and little introspective, this is not possible when the citizen is forced to write a check. It is a matter of personal responsibility no different than acts of personal hygiene. When the populace starts paying taxes and fees with the same regularity in which they use toilet paper, the institutions and agencies in receipt will become more attentive of their actions and more responsive to providers lest they receive the same flushing.