It’s coming. The other side is in sight. After much stormy weather and turbulent seas that foretold of a great vortex, at last a clearing can be seen on the horizon. It is still a long way off but it is within sight. While it can be looked forward to in anticipation of easier living, it must not be allowed to come with out planning and stratagem associated with it. We must be ready to maximize its potential once we have reached it.

Careful planning must begin now for post recession growth. While it will require a much greater period of time to fiscally repair the damage done, it will not require as much time for the wave of optimism to lift our spirits and begin moving us rapidly towards prosperity. During this period it will be tempting to passively allow this swell to rise under us. Coasting into placidity while basking in the warmth of brighter days, many will become languid in the pause of this tempest. After such a long struggle to remain afloat it would be easy to rest, but now is the time to lean into the oar and settle upon a course that not only delivers us to a better position to weather the next storm, but rally those lost and guide them in the same line.

Those that can anticipate and act to place themselves on this course for prosperity have a duty to gather those cast adrift and treading that still reach out for support from the watery density of socialist bonds. We must pull onboard any survivor willing to raise a hand, but we cannot tow the fully disillusioned. Those that can impart effort must be brought on board; those that will not will hinder our progress. By the time we reach the tranquil seas of prosperity we need momentum and any drag will have the potential of altering course back to from which we have come.

There will be many on the same course at different stages but we must take no comfort in this to pause. Everyone must forge ahead to the best of their ability and in doing so provide a smoother track for the less able to follow. As we approach this period of growth we must do so with the mind to enhance the destination for ourselves, and those who chosen to drift should they become frustrated in bobbing along. It will be essential that in fortifying ourselves we must return and look for those willing to raise a hand to not only share in this pursuit, but to also reduce the volume of those who may seek to rise and flounder the fleet.

No matter who is at the tiller in the lead, it is the core, the principle, the character that defines our union that will allow us to maintain course should they falter. It requires no special ability to navigate ahead, only the ability to look where we have come from just as our founders did when they set course for this nation. We need to look back, plan ahead, gather those who will work with us and move together with optimism towards our prosperous destination for it is soon upon us.