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Gov Loss of Faith

Concerned gun owners stopped the Board from passing an arbitrary ban on weapons. The BOCC faced with saturation emails and a short list of speakers pulled off the consent agenda where it was headed for a stamp vote of passage. After hearing from the County Attorney about pending lawsuits in other counties addressing similar bans, the floor was opened for public comments. Three Citizens spoke for possibly 15-20 people there for the same concern, and induced enough pause in the minds of the Board to have them table the ban for time to review the nature of the county properties and gather more public comment.
In listening to the Board, it was interesting to note that the initial pull from consent agenda was due to the inclusion of knives in the ban. Board members expressed concern as knives are common tools and many carried them to board meetings. The strange part is, had concerned citizens not spoken up, even knives would have gone under the radar. More importantly, this shows the compulsion of the BOCC to react to Freedoms Gained by the citizens of the State via HB650, the Castle Law. This was mentioned by the County Attorney and the ban was called a return of “Balance” in light of the passage of HB650. In the rush to pass a ban by placing it on a consent agenda, the BOCC was ready to rubber stamp a ban that lumped knives with weapons of mass destruction….AND AS CURRENTLY WRITTEN oversteps the State code section they utilize to regulate areas…by including OPEN CARRY in their Ban under the pretense of  Section 14.415.23 of HB 650…that authorizes a County’s leeway on CONCEALED ONLY.

“Balance” implies that the State provided/returned liberty to the Citizen that the BOCC wishes to take away. As we stand now, the BOCC has not specifically identified who they are restraining and who they seek to protect. The answer would seem to be one and the same, Lawful Citizens. The real effect is protecting criminals. The BOCC doesn’t trust the citizen, and fails to grasp the unintended consequences.

As parks and situations were discussed, it was distressing to hear Commissioners mix the actions and behaviors of criminals with lawful citizens. There seemed to be zero faith in the lawful citizen. One commissioner seemed to have no problem with the proper possession of a weapon to a citizen for personal security on a walking trail, but not if that citizen walks over to a picnic area. She trusted the citizen on a trail, but not in the presence of a picnic table. This complete lack of faith in the lawful citizen over some arbitrary boundary was evident in much of the dialog of the BOCC.
It is this loss of faith that is most disturbing. This board placed an item on the consent agenda to rubber stamp adding more control (than even the state will allow: see above) and regulation to lawful citizens because they lack faith in the citizen to control themselves.
This paternal characteristic is not the role of government and indicates the position of the BOCC is greater than those who elected them. Yes, they paused when confronted. But had no one noticed and spread the word of the board’s intent, we would be under this new rule today.
The Citizens of Orange have but a short time to review the law and gather like minded opinions. Many will understand laws are created to control the lawful and criminals will disregard weapons free zones except for the ease of targets. Many will favor limiting the rights of lawful citizens as they too have little faith in a persons not employed by the Law from caring a weapon for protection as a Paternal Government is favored for that role.
In the forthcoming discussions it is important to remember that lawful citizens are regulated and controlled already as to how and where they can possess their lawful weapon. It will be important to not allow the mixing of the habits of criminals with them, nor the habits of Terrorists utilizing weapons of mass destruction.

When the predator looks down upon the sheep it will not choose the sheep wearing a dog. Some sheep choose to hide their dog and blend in with prey. That is their choice. But when the government places a ban on all dogs and posts a sign declaring such, the only thing the predator reads is “open season”.


On Third Party/write-ins on the Presidential election

From a post at NC Hunt And Fish:

The primary is where you vote your ideals.
Seems a lesson should have been learned from Perot.
Anyone that votes 3rd party or write in the general…well lets just say I have a hard time seeing them as a team player in the red zone.
If they cannot be counted on there, where else may allegiances be suspect?

In a matter of paramount importance on the course of the nation, to apply convictions so resolutely as to enable the continued demise of the union is tantamount abusive narcissism. To stand in the conflagration and denounce water as an affront to a puritan ideal is admirable, if you are the only one subjected to the flame.

Weapons Ban in Orange

Weapons Ban in Orange.