This is a comment in regards to a blog about the  Economic Development Officer for Chapel Hill

Sustainable community…. Well there is 50% of what stifles development; the other half from what I can tell is taxation. The county and CH partnerships w/ ICLEI and thus the UN Agenda 21, have combined w/ the overt progressive eco mentality to create barriers to Development.  The list of large companies and developments opting to build just outside of the county line screams to be addressed. These counties recoup all the revenue. Not….that Orange County or CH would be frugal with the proceeds…No, that course is for the lightheaded. The tail that wags the dog has a penchant for spending. If 3 Walmarts, a Cabelas, and a Factory outlet mall landed in Orange overnight the odds are there would be a revenue shortage in short order and prior to that there certainly would be no relief to the property owner. Bankruptcies have increased and well as foreclosures on Orange. Things are not looking good and the slight of hand gang may be angling to place another Giddy Agenda 21 derived Transit tax on the May ballots (to once again bank on the low turn outs).

Orange will not become stabilized until the Tail (CH/BOCC) comes out of it’s eco stupor and starts embracing American values instead of the UN’s and their eco plans to limit American growth.

Good luck to Dwight Basset….but he must realize that where he lives is symptomatic of the Orange conundrum. Interestingly as Alamance becomes more economically stronger by embracing development…His home value will increase. The job he has is to essentially increase the value of Orange/CH…but if the history of liberalism remains true…it will not matter what he tries…his house in Alamance will increase in value and he soon be able afford a larger house in Orange as citizens flee taxes and devaluation and regulation. Think of his reduced carbon foot print not driving 27 miles one way….makes you warm and fuzzy right?

March 5th ,12

Good News for Mr Basset. He has left his position at Chapel Hill to be the Economics Director of Raleigh. He leave behind 2x the poverty rate and a 32% increase in county tax rates alone. This sea of opportunity lying just across Orange should make his drive  from Alamance that much easier.

I hope for CH and Orange the next Economics Director for CH has taste for big challenges.

Chris Weaver

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