At the December meeting the fellow from Recycling Cody Marshall, mentioned the proposed bins for recycling would have RFID chip for the purpose of recording frequency of use for the streamlining of services. This sounded innocuous but I flagged it for further research in my mind. Councilman Jacobs sized on it promptly asking about privacy of the citizen. It appeared his concerns were addressed sufficiently.

I however have growing concerns as I have come to understand the UN Agenda 21(A21). If you have not, you should make yourself aware of it. There is a ten minute Youtube clip “Agenda 21 for Dummies” that wraps it up nicely. In knowing that you are all politically on the opposite side of the isle it may not have the same effect, but for me as recovered liberal and now screaming conservative…it has been the equivalent of “eating the red pill” from the Matrix movie. I can see, and I can see it everywhere. Many of the clarions of A21 are Democrats. As US Citizens you should see this as a usurpation of the Liberties we are blessed with and should see the reach of A21.

In searching the history of Orange County in association with A21 and it’s offshoots I have found that Orange County has been utilizing the guides of A21 via their proxies. Most notably ICLEI
ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability : Global Members

And via the: Carrboro, Hillsborough, Chapel Hill & Orange County
GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS INVENTORY AND FORECAST Draft 6: June 11, 2007…Submitted by: ICLEI Energy Services….Orange county is clearly on board the program.

Given the BOCC cheerful character in accepting and passing the resolution on the UN Human Right Day also in the Dec. meeting only solidifies my concerns of the proclivity of this Counsel to ascribe to UN philosophies that directly undermine the freedoms provided to us by the spilled blood of our ancestors.

Yesterday (8th) it was made known to me that the City of Gastonia NC has rejected RFID chips in their recycling bins….at a loss.
The percentage of conservatives in Gaston county is only 39.4%, they are however not members of ICLEI as Orange County is.

At the risk of future use of RFID chips to be a tool to use against the freedoms of Orange County citizens by a guideline established by ICLEI or some other UN affiliated organization, I urge you to forgo them in the recycling bins. This was the reasoning for Gastonia dropping the plan. They learned of of Cleveland, Ohio, where the program is in force, the public is subjected to fines of $100 for non-compliance. Cleveland has gone so far as to use their police to raid trash bins to bust residents in case of not recycling enough.

There are many ways to streamline systems. There are many ways to promote recycling without conditioning the citizen to “collective sustainability” and other notions derived from from the failure that is the United Nations.
We are Americans, we should be more than capable of creating solutions that do not encroach on our remaining liberties or condition the populace to yield them.

Chris Weaver