I held firm on the position that I would not arbitrarily to yield to a non law. I will not allow propriety and conformity to superseded practicality in the exercise of freedom especially if the fiscal obligations  and intrusive scrutiny are more objectionable than perceived rudeness of lawful free will. Asking Government for permission to exercise a “right” indicates there is no right, acquiescing to this supposed authority with a signature further strengthens the authorities charge in issuing said right. By utilizing the remaining freedom reserved to the citizen of North Carolina in open carry, we reduce the power of Government to issue rights. As well, we may interact with the public who has become conditioned to fear armed Lawful Citizens.
When the wolf looks down upon the sheep it will not choose the sheep wearing a dog. Some sheep will submit their freedom to government scrutiny for the permission to hide their dog either for conformity to the herd or to subvert the the perceived threat of being the first target. This is their choice. I choose not to blend in with prey.
Clarity in expressing this resolution generally keeps the complaints were they belong, in the hearts of those who would use or implement restraint to limit our Freedom.