I applaud the Gastonia City Counsel for rejecting the RFID chips on the recycling containers. If the citizens ofGastoniaare not aware of the United Nations Agenda 21 they should be. I urge everyone to spend twenty minutes informing themselves of Agenda 21 and it’s mirror agencies such as ICLEI and UNESCO.  A word of caution… once you learn of the directives of this charter you will see it everywhere. It is the “red pill” of the Matrix movie. By the rejection of the RFID chips you have retained a bit of freedom. By learning of Agenda 21 you will learn of the slivers of your liberties as US citizens being chipped away for “collective sustainability” of “global citizenry”. You will not be able to close your eyes once you see how invasive this program is. It in our schools here inOrangeCountyand due to arrive curbside in our new recycle bins. I am not a tin helmet person, but no amount of foil will shield my eyes from insidious nature of this United Nations program now that I have leaned of it. Please remain vigilant. This UN program affects all political parties at the expense of the blood our ancestors spilled for this nation.



Chris Weaver